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At Wright Planning we practice holistic financial planning based on understanding every facet of the clients life and building strategies that will assist them to achieve their objectives.

Initially we focus on the persons or couples lifestyle and how they see their priorities, both now and in the future. We will look at their financials including their income and expenses, investments and borrowings, along with their superannuation and risk protection strategies to build a profile of what they are doing now.

We will then use that as a base to project what might be their likely scenario as they complete their working career or enter into the redirection phase or retirement. Based on the above, we will build strategies to help them achieve the outcome they desire. However, if their goals cannot be achieved, we will tell them and then work with them on what might be realistic.

The plan or set of strategies we determine must also be able to withstand change. At Wright Planning we pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients through changing circumstances and transition periods.

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