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Investment planning is an essential part of the financial plan but only one part. Our process starts with assisting the clients to determine their risk profile. This will dictate the exposure they might have to the different asset classes. This will be done through discussion of their previous experience in investment and their attitude to such things as tax effectiveness, volatility and their investment term.

Our philosophy is based on an enhanced index approach. This means that we want a broad exposure to the various share indexes, subject to a few qualifications, such as the length of time companies have been listed. We use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to assist in this. We aim for 1% above their market rate of return.

This is our core philosophy in relation to the share market. We do use a core satellite approach, which means we compliment the DFA core with asset classes and investment vehicles, reflecting the clients risk profile. It is important to note that we are not brokers or traders in an active sense.

We take care to listen to our clients to ascertain the asset classes they have felt most comfortable with in the past and along with our knowledge, endeavor to build a financial strategy that will meet their objectives.

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