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At the cornerstone of every effective financial plan is risk management. As clients are going through the years of using income to build wealth, we use insurance to ensure that their financial plan will be flexible enough to continue or be completed in the case of adversity. In our plans Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection are always considered and structured to give clients the security they need.

Together with insurance, we ensure that clients have up to date Wills, which are critical to meet their goals. Too often we have new clients who come in without wills. If they die without a will the government will distribute their assets according to a set formula.

Powers of attorney are also critical because we want our clients who know them best to be able to make decisions on their behalf when they can’t.

Superannuation is also important because in many cases it houses the majority of their investment assets and insurance cover. It is important that their documentation is up to date, such as binding death nominations. This is to ensure the client benefits go to the right people or person.

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