Terms of Use

By using this website you are agreeing to the below terms & conditions.

The Wright Planning website including all content and features has been developed by Wright Planning for the purpose of allowing you as the user the opportunity to gain an understanding of the business service and all it has to offer.

The information provided throughout this website can only be used in a way the terms and conditions are stated as per the below.

1. Website Limited License

By viewing this website you are now known as a user. You are granted a limited license, which gives you as the user an opportunity to access and use this website as long as it complies with these terms and conditions. Wright Planning can terminate this opportunity/license at any time for any reason.

2. User Limitations

The content built into the Wright Planning website is for personal use only. Under no circumstances is it to be used for commercial purposes of any kind.

As a user you are in no way entitled to reverse engineer, amend, lease, sell, loan or sublicense from the content built into this site or the site itself.

You are also prohibited to apply any network monitoring or technological programming to determine protected information in regards to the way the site has been built/developed.

As a user you will not be able to obtain any information about the site usage or personal information about its users.

You are not allowed to monitor or copy our website via any technological programming or manual process of any kind.

The only way of obtaining the rights to do so is by Wright Plannings written permission and consent.

Without Wright Plannings written consent you are not allowed to do any of the following:

  • Copy
  • Modify
  • Reproduce/Redevelop
  • Publish
  • Distribute
  • Display/Present
  • Use content or site for commercial, non-profit or public purposes.
  • It is completely prohibited by Wright Planning for any user to take part in the above activities.

3. Not Legal Advice

The content included in the website is for financial and clients advice only. The content does not provide users with advice on medical or legal matters.

If a user chooses to submit information via the site it is not treated as confidential information.

The advice given via site is not guaranteed or warranted in anyway.

When becoming a user of this site you are acknowledging that you are viewing and reading the content at your own risk.

4. Intellectual Property Rights.

As a site user under copyright and other intellectual property rights you are acknowledging and agreeing that the content and Wright Planning website is protected by copyrights, trademarks and other propriety rights and laws.

5. Linking to this Web Site

You are entitled to refer the website links to others. This is only the case as long as it’s in accordance with the terms and conditions stated. In no circumstance can you provide others with the Wright Planning website link if the following has occurred:

  • Tampering with any part of the homepage including the advertisements & features.
  • Changing the terms of use.
  • Changing the copyright notice or other legalities of the site.

If Wright planning advies you to stop providing links of the website you must immediately stop doing so.

6. License of Your Content to Wright Planning

As a user if you wish to upload content or submit copy for use on the Wright Planning website, you are giving Wright Planning permission and the right to use this material. This means the site owner has the right to publish, modify, adapt or reproduce the material and display through any technology platforms created.

You agree that no action can be taken against Wright Planning if any infringement or misuse of propriety right occurs when you submit content via the website to us.

7. No Solicitation

As a user you are not allowed to submit or post through this site any of the following:

  • Advertising
  • Solicitation of goods, services or funds
  • Solicitation for others to become members of any organisation

This can only occur without Wright Plannings written consent or permission.

If permission is granted the following process must take place. List your name, address, email address, your business URL. You may recommend a third party website or service, this is only grantable if you have no financial interest and receive no direct benefits for the site recommendation or service. Under no circumstances is it possible for any person or business to solicit anyone with content from the web site.

8. Advertisers and Sponsors

In the rear case that this site features advertising or sponsorship opportunities, the sponsor or advertiser is responsible for ensuring all content complies with laws.

Wright Planning will not take responsibility in any way for the advertiser/sponsors content if an error occurs that does not comply with the applicable laws. This is fully the advertiser and sponsors responsibility.

9. Registration for submitting an inquiry

When the user wishes to submit an inquiry via the website Wright Planning will ask the user to register the mandatory details.

When registration is requested, you as the user are agreeing to provide Wright Planning with accurate and true information.

As the user it is your responsibility to inform Wright Planning of any mandatory detail changes.

When being asked to register details, the details to be submitted are for one individual person only, unless inquiry is for a family or couple. Which will only be required to be stated in the inquiry form details not the individuals contact information.

You are responsible for ensuring details that are entered are for you as the user not another individual using your information details.

If you feel that another person has submitted an inquiry using your details. Please contact a team member at Wright Planning.

10. Postings in interactive areas of the Website

a. Postings to be Lawful
As a user if you are viewing and taking part in the interactive features of the site you are prohibited from doing any of the following if it is abusive or offensive in anyway:

  • Post content
  • Upload content, text or graphics
  • Message
  • Upload links

Examples of postings that are absolutely prohibited are anything pornographic, violent, dangerous and criminal or offensive, which would violate state, federal or international law. This is applicable to written language and graphics.

b. Postings to be in Your Name
All posting or uploaded content that complies with these terms and conditions must be supported by your real name and cannot in any terms be posted as a non-identity.

c. No Monitoring of Postings
Wright Planning is not accountable or responsible for editing or monitoring posts. Wright Planning may at times analyse interactive areas of the site to ensure all posts comply with the terms of use. This gives Wright Planning the rights to remove any posts that conflict with the terms and conditions stated.

d. Non-Commercial Use only of interactive areas
Interactive components of the site have only been developed for the users personal use. As an individual you are not allowed to include any of the following messages in your posts:

  • Advertising
  • Promotional
  • Solicitation of goods or services
  • Funds or solicitation for an individual to become a member of a business

The only way any of the above content can be posted is with written consent and permission from Wright Planning.

11. Errors and Corrections

Wright Planning does not want to advise and promise users that the following will never occur:

  • Site will be error free
  • Free of viruses
  • All content is correct at all times

Wright Planning will endeavor to constantly update the website to reflect accurate information and site improvements.

12. Third Party Content

In a rear occasion third party information may be represented on the site or via a link. If this does occur Wright Planning will not be responsible or liable if the content provided by a third party does not comply with the terms of use for this site. The third party is responsible and will take full accountability for content that doesn’t comply with terms of use. It is important to understand as a user that the third party information is not a reflection of Wright Plannings beliefs.

13. Disclaimer

Wright Planning will not be responsible for any loss, claim or liability of damage as a result related to any of the below ways:

  • Errors or mistakes from this website and it’s content. This is included however is not limited to technical problems and copy errors.
  • The third party links from the website that features mistakes or errors.
  • If the website or a component of it is down, maintenance is being conducted, or site is unavailable.
  • Your use of this site .

14. Limitation of Liability

Wright Planning will not be accountable or held responsible of any loss, claim, or liability of damage resulting from using the Wright Planning site. Or any interactive components of the site that features opinions or facts.

Wright Planning will not be liable for incidental or damages of any kind in any way as a result of a person not knowing how to use the website or it’s content.

15. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Wright Planning, it’s director, employees, sub contractor, contractor and any third party information providers to the Site from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs. Including reasonable legal fees, resulting from any violation of these Terms of Use by you.

16. Third Party Rights

The provisions of paragraphs 14 (Disclaimer), 15 (Limitation of Liability), and 16 (Indemnification) are for the benefit of Wright Planning and its Director, employees, sub contractors, contractors and any third party information providers to the Web Site. This is to ensure all these individuals have the right to take action against the user if they do not comply with each component of the terms of use.

17. Unlawful Activity

Wright Planning has the right to look into all complaints that are bought to their attention that do not comply with the terms of use.

Wright Planning has the right to report any activity that is not compliant with the terms of use.

18. Remedies for Violations

Wright Planning has the right to look into all violations of terms of use which may result in the right to lock access from a specific internet address to the site and it’s features.

19. Additional Terms

a. Privacy
Your use of this Web Site is subject to Wright Plannings Privacy Policy.

b. Severability of Provisions
The terms of use have taken into account all reference and content on the website and Wright Plannings privacy policy. It includes and considers the agreement with access to and use of the site. If a user violates any of the terms of use or Wright Plannings privacy policy, then that provision shall be deemed severable from remaining provisions and will not affect their validity and enforceability.

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